Huevos en Fuego

by Lonnieclaire

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"This is our best with what we had" says the band. "It won't appeal to many listeners (with drums recorded via smart phone mic) but we're still very proud to be D.I.Y. and LO-FI - sort of like Springsteen channeled through R. Stevie Moore"

Inspired by, and even very loosely chronicling the bands's mostly "off-again" existence going back twenty years, the release contains 7 tracks which would probably be best described as bluesy garage rock.

Lonnieclaire was formed twenty years ago and at that time recorded a handful demos and played some local gigs. The band survived only a few years, but the spirit has lived on morphing Lonnieclaire eventually into more of a "recording project".


released May 20, 2016


tags: rock New York


all rights reserved


Lonnieclaire New York, New York

Born out of the DC rock scene in the mid-1990s, NYC-based Lonnieclaire proudly waves a "Garage Band" banner but does so with its own special charm. Their sound might be is striped down and raw but its surprisingly dynamic and original.

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Track Name: Cavallino

Cavallino sits alone in a broken chair
Rusting alive in the Michigan salt somewhere in a dirty ditch near the side of the road
Turning purple coal into green snow
a dog cowers...
a baby cries...
through broken windows out of his double wide

Cavallino believed all his father's lies
Cavallino now stutters to describe
Weeping quietly about his lost zag
In the shade of a tattered flag

copyright 2005
lyrics Lonnieclaire
Track Name: Dusk 'til Dawn
Dusk ' til Dawn

Left and torn but we all run away
We all have a painful price to pay
'cause yeah, those days were sad
but the nights were the best ones I never had

"How would YOU want to be free?"
she left her half-written novel for me
she was a ghost
then she disappeared
now I see her sun rising
through the bright blue trees

Dusk 'till dawn cars float by up Amsterdam
my mind spins like a top its so very cold
'cause yeah, those days were sad
but the nights were the best ones I had

Mix me up in all your wild big dreams
Your eyes were the most blue story
that I had ever seen
'cause yeah, those days were sad
but the nights were the best ones I never had

copyright Lonnieclaire
Track Name: Grandson of a Famous Polish Bolshevik
Grandson of The Famous Polish Bolshevik

My grandfather was a famous Polish Bolshevik
I worked for a little while on my own as a private Dick
Then something happened to my greatest thrill
felt like i was a steak that had been left on the grill

then was knighted by a strange king with fake benevolence
I don't know how to live with artificial post-apocolyptic intelligence
I knew how to forget but forgot how to profess
i got so fucking tired i forgot to undress

have you met someone that reminded you of Jezebel?
well then unroll your scroll and you can cast your spell
take the time to make yourself an undercooked greek omelet
but make sure you always follow the brunette

copyright 2009
lyrics by Lonnieclaire
Track Name: Small World
Small Worlds

Small worlds vanish around us now
This clown carefully choose his words
The storm we were bracing for...
never showed

When will we ever hear our chime?
The Fall tripped up in fake sad falsetto
The storm we were bracing for...
never showed

When will we ever hear our chime?
Why is everything such a big climb?
Let's read a nice story before bedtime?
Our lives shed frost in the springtime
My day's spent cutting out sad pretty designs
Play again that soft simple rhyme

copyright 2012
lyrics by Lonnieclaire