Chew The Chain

by Lonnieclaire

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"This is our best with what we had" says the band. "It won't appeal to many listeners (with drums recorded via smart phone mic) but we're still very proud to be D.I.Y. and LO-FI - sort of like Springsteen channeled through R. Stevie Moore"

Inspired by, and even very loosely chronicling the bands's mostly "off-again" existence going back twenty years, the release contains 7 tracks which would probably be best described as bluesy garage rock.

Lonnieclaire was formed twenty years ago and at that time recorded a handful demos and played some local gigs. The band survived only a few years, but the spirit has lived on morphing Lonnieclaire eventually into more of a "recording project".


released April 15, 2015



all rights reserved


Lonnieclaire New York, New York

Born out of the DC rock scene in the mid-1990s, NYC-based Lonnieclaire proudly waves a "Garage Band" banner but does so with its own special charm. Their sound might be is striped down and raw but its surprisingly dynamic and original.

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Track Name: Chew The Chain
Chew The Chain

Too mannered to use our force
and we're told to stay the course
So sick of the rules...we can't enforce

Chew the chain - release the hose
Life under a glass trap that's ready to close
I wonder what's really sharper, my thorn or your rose

So I saddle up that old dead horse
and thank my god these veins don't feel any remorse
You say you want the truth? then head straight to the source

soon our life will have a shinny glow
look at the heart and not the clothes
you gonna laugh but my rubber heart almost froze

So explain your realizations
and tell me the ramifications
and can you say it without qualifications?
'cause a shotgun's pellets will scatter
and glass ceiling was made to shatter
I saw you sawing the rungs from our ladder

copyright Lonnieclaire songs
Track Name: One By One
One By One

F C F Dm F C F
Dm F C G Dm F C G Dm
Dm Em G Dm  

         I know her stripes are 
starting to fade ... My Life's such 
a precious game ... Rounds rain 
down from above ... The desert shadows can see my blood ... 

           My head feels like a cement-clad door...Like i'm standing on a broken-glass floor ... I saw him bolt from the crowd .... Then my spray mowed him down 

Dm        =>Em G                   Dm
Unchain me from your wrecking ball  
Dm        =>Em G                   Dm
Unchain me from your wrecking ball  

         F C F Dm F C F Dm

          The bars now seem all the same ... Dirty windows block out the pain...Lucky for me JD keeps me on the ground... The best friend I ever found 

      Glad you could step out of the 
rain... Meet up and help dull the pain...This bottle turns the glass brown.. Help you turn that frown upside down

Dm        =>Em G                   Dm
Unchain me from her wrecking ball
Dm        =>Em G                   Dm
Unchain me from her wrecking ball

Open chorus 

Dm        =>Em G                   Dm
Unchain me from her wrecking ball
Dm        =>Em G                   Dm
Unchain me from her wrecking ball

She stands on a pedestal of stone ... Trying to find where the buffalo roam...fight off empathy they close their books...not hard to see the dirty looks  

Today you're only a kiss away... Fading as my mind is becomes grey...when it's the right time we'll take a stand...and dig up our buried plans

Dm        =>Em G                   Dm
Unchain me from her wrecking ball
Dm        =>Em G                   Dm
Unchain me from her wrecking ball

Where o where is my land of the free 

copyright Lonnieclaire songs
Track Name: Rust Bucket
Rust Bucket

My old rust bucket got towed from the shop
She’s a ’77 SS with no hood and a rusty top
Jack her up and take a look
She’s rusted out and her struts are cooked  
Broke tail lights… burns on her dash
Worn-out tires and her exhaust’s trashed
Plugs and points, redo her carb
‘fore you know it baby! She’ll be ready to drive

Such a bitch but her frame’s so square
Strip it off that primer and grind her fenders bare
Pop the hood! Start her up
Screw what the tach says - she’s ready to hum
Heat the garage and off the blocks
Plug in the tape deck, replace her shocks
New seat covers and re-head her old V8
Bondo her lines 'till they’re sexy and straight

But where can we drive when we're so lost?
Pay it all day but what is the cost?
We'll survive! If we make it through the night
My lil' blue baby just hold on to me real tight
Our lives are such a mess!
and when is it all ever gonna end?
we'll survive we can make it through the night
My lil' blue baby just hold on to me real tight

Weld her rockers and hot set of rims
Lower her down and dust off your tattered jeans
Then off to Earl Shieb for a new coat of paint
Wax her down and I’ll grab my chain
In front of the house she’s ready to go
down at the strip tonight there’s’ gonna be a show
Pick up our crew over at Baker’s field
and park her over at Anna's to cop a feel

I was gone real long baby
but you were gone too long too yeah
We’ve gotta make up some time baby
and put some miles behind our blues
Just take my hand and we can call it fate
and I won’t ever let you slip away

Now my rust old bucket she only turns heads
and God I hope so ‘cause I spent my check
But then one day I gotta brake real quick
The guy behind me is stoned and he's out of it
My little blue baby sits twisted in a wreck
Triple A gives me half o’ blue book and a FUCKIN' paper check
Now all those dreams that stayed so close to me
We’re almost grown now but I hope we stay free

copyright Lonnieclaire songs
Track Name: Horseless Man
Horseless Man

I'm like a sleeping beauty I awoke
I'm much more comfy with the gentler folk
don't wanna pay the price
Why do you even think twice?
I'm just a man
Yeah a souless Man

I'm quickly getting over my grief
but don't know how to turn over a new leaf
don't wanna save Metropolis?
You'll just end up Rigor Mortis
I'm just a man
Yeah a capeless Man

Vocal Bridge
So I drink paint thinner to fight the blues
And I use a broken crayon to write to you
Is it all a dull dream?
Or is it more that it seems?
I'm just a man
Yeah a horseless man

so i Don't leave any of my pennies unspent
I do believe it was a happy accident
But I've never left this hemisphere
So how could I ever survive the frontier?
I'm just a man
Yeah a brainless man

my Sails torn in a salty squal
Haymaker thrown in a brutal brawl
Could you ever have the heart to forgive?
Or will I forever be the expletive   
I'm just a man
Yeah a heartless man

copyright Lonnieclaire songs
Track Name: The Super Car
The Super Car

I was born a "big block" I gave my gears to you
So why are you now so tangled up in blue?
We'd drag race keystone coal miners and we'd joke
The ceremonial sheep we'd send to the rope
Back then seemed we never stood still
But nobody ever feels the same after the first spill

My chrome mag wheels I gave you my stripes
Admit my third gear still gives your tires a light
Without you my 1/4-mile time trial today is sure to fail
Like water resting on the end of a tail
Now you try to hide your tears behind these cheesy
shades...what will really ever remain?

On race days I felt all your love and pain
All things might be equal
but they're not always gonna be the same
But now its you whose afraid to wear that thorny crown
Don't you know no one ever asks me slow down
Please don't ever ask me to...throttle me down

I can't ever...ever....slow down

they stuffed a Big Block in at the assembly plant
They slid a 427 in and gave it a slant
That's 425 HP at the C.O.P.O.
Lowered me way down, but not too low
You like to talk all about the danger who put all my faith in a total stranger

Tinted dreams and another icy morn
as blow right past the signal waver's warn
torn robe charred in a bloodied benediction
and you waste your life to sad addiction
Want to live your life in a half empty empty bottle? When I can still show you my stainless steel-shielded throttle

copyright Lonnieclaire songs
Track Name: Rusty Hardware (LIVE)
Rusty Hardware


Is this your only life? you better get what you can get
you're always sleeping next to me with more than a little regret
like a corpse lying on a stake that's not even going to bleed
I'm a grey zombie tried to mount his rusty steed

they patched in rusty hardware when they fixed my spine
I might even add a little gin to my turpentine

I left a message and got a call back from cocaine
then good soaking to the from the chernobyl rain
the criminals eventually ended their war-torn crusade
escaping in a bullet-torn cavalcade

they patched in rusty hardware when they fixed my spine
I might even add a little gin to my turpentine

the connection with us was always a single thread
now I'm siting at that table and feeling so underfed
the logs in the fire

charred down to ash
I searched everywhere but I never found your weapons cache

I survived the crush but the healing broke my will
you can't really roll a square wheel down a sandy hill
You can make up a bunch of rules they'll be tough to enforce
you can sex at night but not intercourse

copyright Lonnieclaire songs